Tea And A Tantrum: A (quick) Introduction.

Welcome to Tea And A Tantrum!

If you’re new here. . . Welcome! This is a lifestyle/mom blog. Expect posts like family adventures, pregnancy updates (for the ten more weeks I have left), reviews (TV, video games, books, products, ETC.), craft tutorials, and more!

If you’re confused. . . This was previously known as Book Yabber, a book blog. I’ve grown and expanded, so my blog and writing was bound to follow suit. I will still be reviewing books, but the posts will mostly be otherwise focused. I want to thank you for reading Book Yabber, and I do hope you’ll stay around for Tea And A Tantrum.

This first month may be a bit rocky as I transfer everything from a book focused blog over to the new lifestyle blog. An ‘About’ page, social media links, and blog posts are all in the works. I do hope you’ll stick with me through this rough patch as I plan to have it all figured out by February! Bear with me!


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If you decide to follow, thank you so much! I’m so excited about this new journey and your newly gifted support means everything! I hope to talk to you via Twitter, Instagram, and in the comments very soon!


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