Products that I Love (During Pregnancy)

Currently I am in my third trimester of my first pregnancy. I have eight weeks until my due date. I want to share with you the products that I’ve loved (and quite honestly couldn’t have lived without).


First Trimester



Three Lollies Preggie Pop Drops – From week 6 until mid second trimester, I had very bad migraines that made me nauseous. Me being a tea lover, I tried ginger tea. I didn’t like it and it also didn’t help. My sister-in-law recommended Preggie Pop Drops, so I of course tried them – anything to make this feeling go away, or at least stunt it for a few hours of relief – and they worked wonders! I highly recommend for anyone suffering from morning sickness.


Second Trimester



Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow – Second trimester brought the start of my sleeping problems. During pregnancy, you are told not to lay on your back. Laying on my sides was very uncomfortable for me – especially in my hips. This pregnancy pillow is amazing and has definitely helped me sleep.




Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – I started applying this cocoa butter in the second trimester. I tried to get in the habit of applying in the morning, but realistically I applied at night before bed. I prefer Palmer’s to other brands because Palmers doesn’t leave me feeling greasy like a bunch of others have.



Third Trimester

Obviously I am currently in my third trimester, so this won’t be a complete list. Sleeping is increasingly more uncomfortable. I wake with every turn because my belly weights SO MUCH! So, I still use my snoogle every night. I don’t think I could sleep without it. I still use Palmers Cocoa Butter each day and I haven’t had a stretch mark yet! (Hooray!)


Aquaphor Healing Ointment – Early in the third trimester, I got a rash on the top of my belly. It was red, blotchy, and it itched like crazy! I figured it was incredibly dry skin. I applied Aquaphor in the morning and continued Palmers at night. Day after day the redness lessened and after three days was completely gone. I don’t apply this every day because it does make me feel greasy, and I hate that feeling. I’d say I apply it once a week, just to avoid that terrible spell of dry skin again.



CharmLeaks Women’s Maternity Underwear – This underwear is so incredibly comfortable! I had been wearing my pre-pregnancy underwear up until a few weeks ago when the waistband just became too uncomfortable. I found these on Amazon and I love them! They lay so comfortably on my bump and they allow for even more growth – as I’m sure will happen as I’m in the “rapid growth” stage of pregnancy.

Maternity Yoga Pants – The link is for the pair that I bought, but I’m sure any pair will work. I love these because they are so comfortable and they’re form fitting. These are now the only thing that I will allow myself to wear. A few weeks ago, I was wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy sweats and they were super baggy. My husband accidentally stepped on the pant leg access and I fell. I spent four hours in Labor & Delivery, monitoring baby and everything is fine, luckily! These yoga pants don’t have any hanging material – it’s all form fit.


Those are the products that I have been loving during this pregnancy. Let me know in the comments below which products helped you while pregnant. Thanks for reading!

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