Nesting is the urge expecting mothers get towards the end of their pregnancy when they are compelled to get everything ready for when baby arrives. I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that this was the future. I did not know that it would hit this hard.

All I think about is what I still have to do before Andy arrives in March. My goal is to have it all set by the end of February, so all of March can be spent relaxing and mentally preparing. I’ve made great progress, but there’s still so much to do.

Currently, I’m working my way through washing baby clothes. I’ve successfully completed one load and am working on my second. I’ve got some NB and 0-3 outfits I’ve set aside for the hospital bag. I’m only 32 weeks along and plan to wait until 34 weeks to officially pack the hospital bags. (Plus, we have an ultrasound today, so we’ll get a good feel of his size and know which sizes to pack more of.)

The nursery is so close to competition! All that is needed is the book case and some fabric bins. The clothes that are larger than NB and 0-3/3 months are in a heaping pile. Once I get some more fabric bins, I plan to organize those further. The bookcase is being built. Hubs wanted to get into building, so he took on Andy’s bookcase as his first project. I’m hoping to add it to the nursery next week.

Aside from that, I’m just waiting to buy the rest of what we need. By only getting a handful of things off my 90 item baby registry, I feel like we’re really behind when it comes to the amount of stuff we should have at this point. I’m trying not to stress about it though!

What We Still Need:

  • Woombie – I’ve read amazing things about the Woombie Original Swaddle and I definitely need this in my life.
  • Burp Cloths – We have none. Zero. Zip. I like Osocosy’s cloth wipes, so I think I’m going to order a package of their prefolds and use those as burp cloths.
  • Cloth Wipes – I only bought two packages of 12. One for the diaper bag and one for home. We need so much more than 24 total.
  • Wash Cloths – We have four already, but I’m not sure that’s enough. I’ve designated one to permanently cover his boy-bits during the tubby  (A little tip I picked up from Witty Otter’s first bath with her son. ) Then thinking that I’ll only have three for practical use…Is that enough?
  • Diaper Pail Liner & Wet Bags – I’m cloth diapering, so I’m using an old hamper, but I need a liner. I also need wet bags for when we’re on the go! We have a family vacation planned for this summer, so I absolutely need these bags by then!
  • Nursing Cover – Not crucial right away since I’ll be home most of the first few months (and anyone who visits, visits at their own risk), but will definitely need one by the time the aforementioned vacation comes around.
  • Nursing Pads, Milk Collector, Milk Freezer Bags, ETC – When it comes to nursing, the only thing I have is a nursing pillow (one of the very few things purchased from my registry). I think I’ll want all this going into the hospital, so I’ll make this purchase sometime in Feb.

Gosh! Doesn’t this seem like a lot? Am I falling behind? How is it possible to stay calm?

Did you Nest? Did it consume your every thought? Were you able to stay cool and collected? Are you currently nesting along side of me? Talk to me about it in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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