32 Week Ultrasound

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy thus far has absolutely been feeling little kicks, shifts, and rolls. I love watching the wave move across my belly. I constantly wonder what he’s doing in there. The next best experience has been ultrasounds.

I thought I was only going to get three and after the third, I was incredibly sad I’d have to wait until birth to see him next. So, when my OB said I was going for another one at 32 weeks, imagine my utter excitement.

I was there to check on size of baby and fluid levels. Honestly, it didn’t matter why I was there, I was about to see my son again. I sat in the waiting room with D, a smile stretching from ear to ear and a slight bounce in my leg. I couldn’t wait!

After being called in, gel applied, and wand to belly, Andy appeared on the screen. He was so much larger than last time. So large, his whole body could not appear on screen at once, like it did at 12 weeks. He was squirming around under the wand – I could feel it as usual but for once, I could see it as well. It was both surreal and beautiful to see his little feet kick. I can still replay that scene in my head.

We got lucky and had an amazing ultrasound tech who told us everything she was doing and what we were seeing. She was informative, kind, and funny. She made the experience even better, if that is even possible.

What We Learned About Andy

  • He is head down! (butt is up near my left ribs, feet are on my right side.)
  • He weights 4 lbs and 9 oz. (50th percentile)
  • He is measuring right on at 32 weeks, with the exception of his legs and head which measure 34 weeks. Looks like we’ll have a long baby with a big head!
  • D and I got to see a closeup of his face! More specifically his nose and lips. He’s a beautiful boy!
  • All that heartburn payed off because he has hair!
  • Everything is normal and he scored 100% on the wellness test!
  • Confirmed for the third time – it’s a boy! I had asked the tech to make a guess at the nuchal scan (12 weeks) and she said boy. Anatomy scan said boy, too, but I did not see the penis. D said that he thinks he did, but he’s not 100% sure. This had worried me, but I trusted the tech. At this scan, I saw for myself – absolutely a boy!

I think I get another scan later this month at 36 weeks, but we’ll see what my OB says. I’m so thankful my little boy is growing and I am so excited to meet him in just a few weeks!

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