Happiness Found – February 2017

As I was watching my daily subscriptions on YouTube, one video left me hyper inspired. Lauren Fairweather published a video called, “Things That Make Me Happy”. The title being self-explanatory, she listed the things that made her happy in Winter. I fell in love with the idea and am adopting it here on Tea and A Tantrum! Instead of a monthly wrap- up, I’ll be doing a monthly feature wherein I list all that made me happy that month. I think it’s important to always focus on the positive, but I think we need it especially now with current events acting so much like dark clouds that just keep closing in on us. So let’s spread love, happiness, and light!

New England Patriots Won Super Bowl LI

Did you watch the game? It wasn’t one to be missed, that’s for sure! The first three quarters were rough of New England fans. After the third quarter the score was 28-9 Falcons. It was hard to watch, but for those loyal fans who didn’t give up, they had their world rocked in the fourth. The Patriots played hard and managed to tie up the score – 28- 28, forcing the first overtime in Super Bowl history. The Pats won the coin toss, got possession, and never looked back. History was made as the Patriots won the Super Bowl. There was so much screaming in this house. My husband and I were shocked but also ecstatic. Fireworks were heard in the neighborhood. New England as a whole was celebrating the night away. Incredible perseverance. Such joy.

I fell ill – But it only lasted a week!

My immune system has always been this impenetrable wall. Since being pregnant, this was the second time I had fallen ill within a nine month span. While I wasn’t thrilled about it, I tried to see the positives. I was forced to take some time to relax – just me and baby. We watched movies and knit. The greatest positive of them all, though, was each symptom only lasted a day. Sunday was the worst and I was completely blocked up with a sinus headache. Monday I was able to blow my nose and breathe. Tuesday the sinus headache dissipated and I was still able to breathe. I dealt with a post nasal drip for a couple of days after, but by the weekend I was great! I’m thankful it didn’t last as long as the other one did. The previous illness lasted all of December.

My body is preparing to bring my baby into the world

At my 36 week OB appointment, I had my first cervical exam. My eyes popped wide when the doctor told me that I had started to dilate. I wasn’t expected to hear that kind of news until week 38 or 39. It’s only 1 cm, so I’m not getting too excited. Especially after reading that some women go weeks and weeks at 1-4 cm. But that’s progress and for that I am glad. For the past eight months, my body has grown a tiny human. Now it’s making strides to bring this human into the world and I couldn’t be any more full of pride.

Date Night

D and I went out to a nice dinner out this past week. We wanted to get one last date night in before the baby arrives because we know it’ll be a long time before we can get out again. We went to Cheesecake Factory and the food was delicious. The cheesecake was better! I, as always, couldn’t decide between like five, but in the end, I opted for the Snickers cheesecake. It was great being out with my husband.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. In the comments below, let me know what happiness you found in January or what you’re looking forward to in February.

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