National Read Across America Day!

Theodore Seuss Geisel, A.K.A. Dr. Seuss, was born March 2nd. Dr. Seuss is the author of many beloved children’s books such as, THE CAT IN THE HAT, THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS, THE LORAX, HORTON HEARS A WHO, and many, many more. He wrote books to help children learn how to read.

Now, every year on March 2nd, for 20 years, National Read Across America Day is a day that encourages children and teens to READ! Pick up a book and read!

I’ve been a reader all my life – as long as I can remember. Now that I’m pregnant with my first child, I’ve been reading to my bump since week 14 when the app on my phone said baby can maybe hear me talking. Today, I want to share some of my favorite children’s books while also encouraging you to pick up a book and read today!

Today would have been Dr. Seuss’ birthday, so it seems right to talk about my recent rediscovery/obsession. At my baby shower, I was gifted SIX BY SEUSS. A large book with six stories by Dr. Seuss. I read a story a night for two nights. The third night is when I read the remaining four stories in one night simply because I couldn’t wait. I remembered how much I loved Dr Seuss as a child and as an adult, I saw themes and meanings that are so very important. (I also realized how these stories can be construed as quite political.) (Find it on Amazon)

OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO by Dr. Seuss – (Find it on Amazon) This story literally left me in tears. It’s an inspirational story about the road we all walk in life and reading it to my son filled me with such emotion, especially the line, “KID, YOU’LL MOVE MOUNTAINS”.

STAR STUFF: CARL SAGAN AND THE MYSTERIES OF THE COSMOS by Stephanie Roth Sisson – (Find it on Amazon) For my baby shower, we asked guests to bring a book in lieu of a card to stock up Andy’s library, so I added quite a few books to my registry – this was the one I was most hoping to receive. This book not only educates about the Cosmos and Carl Sagan’s findings, it also awakens a sense of curiosity. It’s so important for children to be curious, because then they will seek and learn.

The last book that I’m going to talk about was gifted to Andy by his daddy this past Christmas. It was a personalized story book created at It’s called THE LITTLE BOY WHO LOST HIS NAME. It takes the reader on a journey to collect the letters of their name. In Andy’s book, he meets an aardvark who gifts him an “A”. A narwhal who gifts him a “N”. A dragon who gifts him a “D” and so on until all the letters are obtained. I love that it makes the reader feel included and actually part of the story. I also really enjoy the alliteration and the humor of each character. I highly suggest creating one for your little ones!

Those are the books that I’ve enjoyed reading to my bump the most. Let me know in the comments below which books you enjoy reading to your children or those that you enjoy reading yourself! Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to pick up a book and read today!!

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