Nursery Tour

When we bought our house, I was two months pregnant with Andy. We were very early on, which gave us a lot of time to work on the nursery.

It was very important that we took a very gender neutral route. Not because we weren’t planning to find out the gender, but because I am very anti-gender roles. (I plan to write a post about that at a later time.) A week before our anatomy scan, we picked our color, so we weren’t swayed one way or another. We chose Behr Willow Hedge, which is a pale green.

In this pregnancy, I was very hesitant to buy baby things until about 25-28 weeks. I think I was so worried about something going wrong that I had talked myself into the reality that something would definitely go wrong. Luckily, this has been a very healthy pregnancy and Andy passes every test with flying colors.

Around 30 weeks, reality hit me. We’re going to have a baby very, very soon! We started buying and the nursery started to fill up. I was thrown a baby shower at 32 weeks and the nursery grew exponentially.

D picked up wood working as a hobby and made the bookshelf you’ll see in the video. He is also working on the arm that will hold the mobile above the crib, but it’s not completed yet, so as of now, that’s all we’re waiting on.

So let’s get right into it! Here’s our little mans nursery.

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    This is Kim from gDiapers – so thrilled Andy will be wearing gs! Looking forward to welcoming you all to the gFamily! Reach out if you have any questions and send us some pics once he arrives!

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      Hi Kim! I am, too! I’m beyond glad I found gDiapers because it’s so much more than just diapers – you provide a loving and supporting community, in which I already feel so accepted. I love the podcast and I’m so excited to hopefully contribute to the book! (Offering as much “new mama” insight as I can!) I will absolutely send pictures of him in his tiny g’s!! XO

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