Book Review: PLEASE PLEASE THE BEES by Gerald Kelley

Published: April 11 2017 by Albert Whitman Company
Pages: 32
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Synopsis: Benedict has a pretty sweet life for a bear. Every morning the bees leave a jar of honey on his doorstep, and every day he has honey for breakfast and honey in his tea. It’s an important part of his day.

But all that changes when the bees go on strike.

Now it’s up to Benedict to listen to the bees, and he realizes there’s a lot more he could be doing to help them. So he fixes up the hive and learns to be a better beekeeper. Will the bees be pleased?

In PLEASE PLEASE THE BEES Benedict learns not only the importance of bees but also the importance of helping out friends.

This book immediately called to me as my dad is a beekeeper and all my life I was out in the bee yards helping collect the honeycombs, erecting fences to protect the bees, and fixing up the wooden boxes that contained the hives.

This is a cute story with beautiful watercolor illustrations. I liked that Benedict had the ability to remove himself from the situation, once something wasn’t right, and realize that he may have been a bit selfish. Viewing yourself from a different angle is often a difficult task, but I like that it was represented in this book.

Another plus is all the ways that Benedict helped his bee friends. He planted wildflowers (the bees love those!), cleaned up the yard, repaired their hive, and he even learned a new skill to help out the bees further. I was touched by the way that Benedict helped his bee friends. The bees were so gratified they immediately dropped their “STRIKE” signs and returned back to their home and work.

Bees play such an important role in pollinating the plants that grow the food we eat. In today’s world, they’re dying out and it’s a major problem. We need to learn from Benedict and take action! I’m glad that this book brought about bee awareness!

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