These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things – Authors Edition

On this edition of ‘These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things’, I’m talking about my favorite authors. Reading has always been my favorite pastime and over the years, I’ve come to love certain authors. Those authors are the ones where I check their Twitter/websites to see if/when their next book is coming or if they have any events near me. I check almost daily. It’s part of my ‘just booted up computer’ routine.

Children’s Authors

 DR. SEUSS – Oh the love I have for Dr. Seuss books. They’re fun to read because of their alliteration and the messages are outstanding. When I was pregnant with my son, I read him “Oh The Places You’ll Go” every night. I added on “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” from Halloween to New Years. Often nights, I would piggyback another Seuss story – Lorax, Horton, Mullberry Street, Thidwick, ETC! Now that he’s here, we still read a Seuss book a day. We only own a few books, but we utilize the library. I’m sure Santa will bring some more Seuss books this Christmas. 😉


NANCY TILLMAN – Nancy Tillman is the author of ONE THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN, WHEREVER YOU ARE MY LOVE WILL FIND YOU, I’D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE MY LOVE, and more. I cannot read a Nancy Tillman title to my son without crying. Still. Three months postpartum. She has a beautiful way of capturing all my feelings and putting them into words. They’re very sweet and touching. I dare you to read a Tillman book to your dearly loved child and not cry. It’s not easy. My son seems to like ONE THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN most. I think my favorite is WHEREVER YOU ARE MY LOVE WILL FIND YOU. Nancy has a new book coming Fall 2017 and I cannot wait! I’ve already got it pre-ordered!

Young Adult Authors

JENNY HAN – Jenny Han is the author of TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE trilogy, THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY trilogy, and BURN FOR BURN trilogy. I have yet to read a book by Jenny that I do not love. She writes characters that feel so real and relatable. I especially love Larajean Song Covey. I love the attention to detail that Jenny gave her. Larajean has such style and I want to be just like her, when in reality I’m more of a Margot Song Covey.

EMERY LORD – EMERY is the author of WHEN WE COLLIDED, THE START OF YOU AND ME, OPEN ROAD SUMMER, and most recently THE NAMES THEY GAVE US. She writes young adult contemporary and she writes it REAL! Her novels deal with mental illness and she does it expertly. I would have to say my favorite title from Emery is THE START OF ME AND YOU. That book was hella inspiring to me and has since pushed me to make lists of activities to push myself past my comfort zone. One of which was venturing from writing a sole book blog to a more open mommy/lifestyle blog. She makes me want to be a better version of myself.




JOE HILL – Joe Hill is the author of 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS, NOS4A2, HORNS, HEART SHAPED BOX, and most recently THE FIREMAN. He also writes comics, such as, LOCKE & KEY, WRAITH: WELCOME TO CHRISTMASLAND, and THE CAPE. He’s an adult horror author and he rocks! His books are bricks but they’re absolutely worth the time it takes to read them. STRANGE WEATHER is his upcoming book, releasing in Fall 2017, is a compilation of short stories. 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS is the same, a compilation of short stories. Short stories are very difficult to write, but Hill nails it! If you’re looking for a good scare, I highly recommend picking up a Joe Hill novel. My favorites from him are NOS4A2 (which I read at Christmas almost every year), WRAITH: WELCOME TO CHRISTMASLAND (the companion  comic), and THE FIREMAN.

Jennifer McMahon – McMahon is an adult thriller/suspense author. She’s the author of titles THE ONE I LEFT BEHIND, THE WINTER PEOPLE, THE NIGHT SISTER, and most recently BURNTOWN. Her books always leave me with that feeling that someone has pulled the rug out from under my feet – completely blindsided. I love that feeling! I only ever found THE NIGHT SISTER to be predictable. It wasn’t my favorite read, but it was OK. BURNTOWN released right around when my son was born, so I haven’t had a chance to read that yet. My absolute favorite from her and a book I can’t recommend highly enough is THE ONE I LEFT BEHIND. Seriously, check that book out from the library right now. You won’t be sorry.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this edition of These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things. If you’d like to stay up to date on posts, please follow on Bloglovin’ and Twitter!


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