Book Review: A BEDTIME YARN by Nicola Winstanley

A BEDTIME YARN by Nicola Winstanley
Published: September 26 2017
Pages: Unknown
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Synopsis: Like a well-worn, snuggly blanket, this sweet bedtime story about a little bear who’s afraid of the dark and his mother’s creative solution will warm and comfort readers big and small.

Frankie is a little bear who has a hard time falling asleep. The dark is scary, and he hates to be alone. So his mother gives him a ball of yarn to hold when he goes to bed, and she keeps the other end in the next room, working it into a surprise for Frankie.

Every few nights the yarn color changes, and Frankie dreams in all the colors that he and his mother pick out. One night he’s swimming in turquoise water, another night he’s in a cool gray fog. He plays with a marmalade kitten and eats delicious chocolate cake. Eventually Frankie and his mother create something special–and Frankie learns that he’s always connected to those he loves, even when he’s alone in the dark.

**Thank you to Tundra Books and Netgalley – I received this e-ARC in exchange for my honest review. This is no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.**

A BEDTIME YARN is a sweet tale of Frankie the bear and his trouble of falling asleep at night. His mother gives him a ball of yarn each night and retires to the living room where Frankie can hear the distant clicking of her knitting needles. The color of the yarn Frankie is holding influences the dream he’ll have that night.  When he’s ready to retire the ball of yarn, his mother rewards him with a surprise.

The concept of holding onto a ball of yarn while his mother is in the next room working with the yarn gives a subtle yet comforting reminder that little Frankie is not alone. He is connected with his mother and therefore is comforted enough to drift to sleep and dream fantastic dreams.

As a knitter and mother myself, I’m definitely holding onto this idea. I just love the visual of being connected to your child who is having some sort of trouble. It serves as a comfort for both you and the child.

Later in the story, when Frankie declares he doesn’t need the nightly balls of yarn because he has overcome, his mother shares a sweet surprise with him. The balls of yarn that he took comfort in have transformed into a security blanket that Frankie can snuggle each night. A very sweet gesture that holds significant meaning.

I very much enjoyed this story and the message that it provided. A mother is constantly there for her child – whether she’s at the end of a trail of yarn, or the creator behind a woven comforting hug.

I deducted one star, giving A BEDTIME YARN four out of five stars because I felt we were sort of pushed into the story without much explanation.  The explanations are explained later, but the first few pages made me feel a bit confused.

I highly recommend adding this title to your child’s library as it will serve as a reminder that they can always find comfort and love within you and they can overcome their fears.

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