Arts & Crafts: Five And A Half Month Old Can Paint!

I’ve been thinking about sensory projects for my son. I really wanted to have him finger paint, but he’s only five and a half months old and has not started solids yet. He’s also teething, so his hands are permanently affixed to his mouth. Next month, when he has started solids, I’m definitely going to tackle finger painting. Until then, I wanted an alternative where he could still paint. Here’s how I did it:

For this you’ll need:

– Paint

– Paper

– Scissors

– Gallon Ziplock

– Masking Tape





I first cut my piece of paper to fit easily inside the gallon ziplock bag. Then using my desired colors, I dotted the paper in paint globs. I alternated between dime sized blobs and dot sized blobs. In my opinion the dime sizes worked better because there was more paint to utilize.

I taped the bag down to the tray of the highchair and let my little Lion go crazy. And, boy did he! He slammed his fists down, pinched the bag, pounded, etc! He was having such a great time! I could tell by his happy squeals and gummy grin.

When Lion was finished, instead of pulling the art from the bag , I cut around the edges and gently pulled the plastic away to best preserve his masterpiece.

Lion’s Masterpiece!


I used a cookie cooling rack to let the piece dry. My husband is going to make a frame for it and we’ll hang it on our wall. This piece came out much better than I could have ever imagined. I mean, my husband and I love it so much we’re literally going to frame and hang it!

It was a quick and easy project. The bag eliminated any mess and that makes me very happy. If you try this project with your little one, tweet @teaandatantrum  and show me how it turned out!



Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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