DIY: Sensory Bags

Coming at you with another craft! As you can see from my last post (Painting in a Bag), I’m on a sensory kick right now. This is a DIY sensory bag!

  For this You’ll Need:

– Gallon Ziplock Bag

– Aloe Vera/Hair Gel/Anything similar

– Duct Tape

– Food Coloring (Optional)

– Filler! (Beads, poms, erasers, sequins, etc.)




I first emptied my base (in this case, aloe vera) into the ziplock bag. I added a few drops of blue food coloring gel and kneaded it into the gel. The gel was a perfect consistency and I found myself squishing the bag myself while making it! LOL!








Add your filler! I added large buttons, beads, rubber bracelet charms, and sequins. I gathered these supplies from Michaels and Target. I was surprised how many goodies I found in their Dollar Stop area. It was an easy and cheap project! Next I duct taped the sides. I don’t know that this is necessarily required, but my little one is a strong and energetic, so I really wanted that extra reinforcement.










This was a very quick project! I liked how customizable it was and had a great time shopping for fillers. Lion enjoyed it too! I made another one, but instead replaced the gel with water. With water, I sealed the bag under the water, thinking I wanted to get all the air out, but that absolutely back fired. One good smash from Lion and the water broke the seal. I suggest trying to get the majority of the air out, but definitely leave some air in there!

If you make a sensory bag of your own, tweet me @teaandatantrum and let me know what you used for filler and what your little one thought of the bag!

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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