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Happy International Babywearing Week!

Babywearing was never my favorite way to get around. Though, I really wanted it to be. The idea of having my son on my person is ideal. He’s always at kissable distance, bonding, and honestly, to keep the public/peepers away. The stroller was my preferred mode. Only very recently did I discover the reason for that was because I hadn’t found the right carrier for me. In this post, I’m going to compare and contrast the three that I’ve used.

BOBA Baby Wrap

Wraps look so comfortable for both parents and baby, which is why I decided to add this one to my baby registry rather than research more structured carriers.

After using the wrap, I can confirm that, yes, it is comfortable. I did enjoy the closeness with baby, but the positives end there for me.

I didn’t like how long it and how complicated it was to put on. I followed images from the instructions and YouTube videos on how to put this on. I was perpetually self-conscious as to whether Ander was in it correctly. I was petrified to take my hands away because he didn’t feel secure.

After you’ve invested the time to get this on and baby inside, my range of motion was very limited. See picture on left – the strap covers my whole shoulder, so I couldn’t raise my arm at all. Can’t grocery shop in that!

I wore this carrier maybe three times, for very fussy baby days and only ever around the house. I didn’t like the time it took to put on (especially when you have a screaming baby who just wants to be held) , the limited range of motion, or how unsecured he felt.


Contours love 3 – in – 1

 I got this carrier very soon after I stopped using the wrap. Ander was probably two months old. Because he was so young, I had to use the newborn mode – facing in and the front panel snapped up to support his head.

I loved that this one was so easy to put on! There’s a snap around your waist, insert baby, fold carrier up around baby, and fasten both sides under arms. Super fast, super easy.

Ander was a strong baby. He had great head control from birth, so having the front panel snapped in the upwards position frustrated him because he couldn’t look out. Once I snapped that down (around 4 months old), he loved being able to see everything!

Though this was easy and fast to put on, I still didn’t feel like he was secure, no matter how much I tightened all the straps. I had it real tight, to the point where it was digging into my skin and he still didn’t feel secure. That doesn’t seem right!

I did use this carrier a lot more and it was the only one I used in public. Pictured left, I took Ander on a hike while on vacation. I basically used this as a backup, whenever stores/offices weren’t stroller accessible. It did fine, but still wasn’t my preferred way.


Ergobaby 360

 I found this at a tag sale. YES, A TAG SALE! Super lucky find, right?

This is the carrier that changed babywearing for me. I now babywear whenever I get the chance because I love it so much!

This carrier is SO comfortable and I love the support. It finally gives me the feeling that Ander is secure! He’s not going anywhere! Because I feel this way, I feel confident using my hands for other things now, other than acting as a safety net if the carrier fails. I have been pumpkin picking (pictured left) and grocery shopping with this carrier.

Also, I got incredibly lucky because I love the design! Blue with gold polka dots. So pretty!

Honestly, I don’t have one negative thing to say about this carrier. I am so in love with it. I’m thankful to Ergobaby for showing me that I too can love babywearing. This carrier will hold up to 33 LBS, so I can continue to carry Ander into toddler years.

I really don’t like writing reviews where I’m so in love with a product because I sound like I’m gushing! It’s so much easier when I can say I love X, X, and X and I didn’t care for X, X, and X. But with Ergobaby, it’s all gush! I’ve found my OTP and it’s with Ergobaby!

Do you babywear? If so, which carrier is your absolute favorite?

Are you pregnant and thinking about a carrier? Want to ask me any questions about what I’ve tried? Tweet me! I’d love to help any way I can!

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