Mother and Son Halloween Costume!

Halloween is such a fun time! Candy, creepy decor, and best of all, costumes! I love seeing everyone in their costumes and I love dressing up myself!

I have tried relentlessly to get my husband to dress up with me every single year and he has not budged. Not when it was just the two of us, and not this year when we became three. Which is disappointing because I had the BEST costume idea. I wanted so badly to do Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Kylo Ren. But, no, my husband is the epitome of lame.

With my husband out, I now had to come up with “couple” costume ideas for mother and son. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Leia and Kylo Ren – (This would have been it, but I could not, for the life of me, find an infant Kylo Ren costume! What the what!)
  • Buzz Lightyear and Woody
  • Elastigirl and Jack Jack

So, are you wondering what we did go with?


This was the perfect costume for us. I’ve always loved Winnie The Pooh and when I saw that Target had these adult onesies, I was buying it regardless, but it’s cool that I can get a dual usage out of it – everyday and Halloween. Ander’s Tigger is also a pretty clever little metaphor. I just couldn’t pass this opportunity up!


Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you dressing up as? Are your children/family involved?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet at me on Twitter! Thanks so much for reading! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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