In My Opinion: Gift Ideas For A New Mom

With Black Friday just around the corner, I’m going to put some gift ideas out there for the new mother on your list. I’m a new mother and I can tell you that I would appreciate each and every one of these ideas, so I hope they are useful to you.


A Clean House 🏡

Being a new mom, you have a precious little bundle to take care of – sometimes multiple bundles. Babies are demanding and they eat up time. Time that moms don’t have to clean their house. Germs, dust, and pet dander don’t just stop until you’re ready. It persists and builds up until you’re living in filth. I can suggest a house cleaning as a gift. If you’re going to hire a cleaning service, I can suggest read ALL. THE. REVIEWS. If someone is going to be entering into the home, they have to be trustworthy, especially if the baby is around. The other option is to offer to clean their house yourself. Be warned: the house probably has not been deep cleaned since before the baby was born, so it’ll be gross, but the act will be immensely appreciated!

Photo Gifts 📷

Log into Snapfish and go nuts! You take a mom’s phone and I guarantee, her Photos app is FULL of photos of her baby/ies. You can put those photos onto mugs, mousepads, canvas shopping totes, canvas prints, etc!  She’ll love them! I have a photo mug and it’s my absolute favorite. I use it every morning for my coffee – no other mug will do. There’s nothing like using an everyday object and it having your beautiful baby/ies face on it. Photo gifts are gold.

A Photoshoot 📸

Pick up that moms phone again and look at the pictures. Baby, baby, baby and dad, baby, cute candid of baby and dad sleeping, baby, blurry selfie of mom and baby, clean crisp photo of baby on dads shoulders, ETC! As much as we ask, dads don’t always take these beautiful candid shots, and if they do, they’re not always framed, er. . ., the best they could be, or there is a thumb blur at the corner. Best to give mom a photoshoot, with a professional, so she can have photos of her and her precious bundle that aren’t blurry, or mostly out of frame. Baby’s are only young for a very short period of time and Mom is going to want to have those memory keepsakes.

Coffee 🙌

Are they a Keurig or Coffeemate person? At home or Out? Bux or Dunks? No matter how much or how little sleep moms get, they still have to put in the long hard work hours. If they’re anything like me, they need that fuel to get and keep them going. Get them Kcups, coffee beans, gift cards, whatever! They’ll appreciate the fuel up!

Sentimental Jewelry 💍

There are plenty of jewelry crafters who offer engraved items and “Mother” charms. There are two pieces that I have wanted since before my baby boy was born. Alex & Ani has birthstone bangles. I’m a fan of Alex & Ani bangles to begin, so when I saw they started selling birthstone charms, I knew I needed to wear my son’s stone. I also suggest checking out Tiny Tags. I love their Name + Birthday circle pendant. I will own this one day. It’s the same idea as with the photo gifts, they’ll wear it and see it and think fondly of their baby/ies.

Gift Cards 💰

Gift cards are seriously underrated. It’s cash to use at your favorite stores. I mentioned earlier coffee gift cards (seriously, so great), but what about a Target gift card? Or an Amazon card? There’s a cliche that moms basically live at Target, right? It’s absolutely truthful for me. I’m constantly needing something for baby, myself, house, or kitchen and Target fulfills all those departments. They’re my one-stop-shop, so why wouldn’t I want a little extra spending money there?

A Day Out 💇

Offer to babysit while she has the whole day to herself! Maybe she’ll get her hair done, spend the day at the spa, browse the shelves of a bookstore, go freaking anywhere without children, or NAP! Moms love their kids, don’t get that wrong, but they also need time to themselves to recharge and relax. A chance to shop without rushing down the aisles, grabbing what you need, racing against the Baby Meltdown clock, would be so nice (for me, at least). Or a spa day where someone is catering to them for a change. Or plain and simply, an uninterrupted few hours of sleep. Ahhhh, such a luxury.  (Useful tip: Keep your phone on you while babysitting. They’re going to check in and often. The things that go through Moms head while they’re away – horror authors would cringe! Never comment that they’re “texting too much”. Just respond to them. Every. Single. Text. )

A Baby Carrier

This one might just be me projecting. I am a babywearing mama and I am proud. I have the Ergobaby 360 carrier and it was the best purchase I have made. Sounds bold, right? Well, I stand behind it. Carrying my baby on my chest does wonders for my and my sons mood, it keeps my hands free (for chores, grocery shopping, and hugging), and it keeps public peepers at a respectable distance (A+++, in my book). Plus, where he is situated, is perfect kissing distance! I absolutely lay the smooches on him when I’m babywearing. ;-P If you’re a new mom, with a tiny adorable babe, I highly suggest trying babywearing at least once! It’s euphoric!


Just a few ideas for you. I hope you found them useful. If you think of any others, leave them for me in the comments below. Are you a new mom that would like something I left out? Leave that in the comments below, too! Maybe it’s something I need to add to my list! Ha! As always, thank you so much for reading. I wish you luck and all the deals with your holiday shopping.

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