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We started Baby Led Weaning at 6 months, when it was OK to introduce solids. He ate chicken, broccoli, ravioli – anything he could feed himself. At our last doctor visit, I was told to feed him three meals a day, in addition to breastfeeding. My main struggle was what-the-heck am I going to feed him everyday?! Then the thought was, what do I need? With throwing him a piece or two of chicken at dinner, we didn’t need much more than the highchair. Now, three meals a day, I needed some stuff.

EZPZ Happy Mats

“It suctions directly to the table, making it nearly impossible for tiny hands to tip over.”

I had seen these mats all over Instagram and thought, what a genius design, I need to give that a try! So we did…


  • I love the sectioned off spaces – it was a nice reminder to provide a meat and veggies/fruit. Because there are three sections, I found myself wanting to fill each one with a different food.
  • I love that it is dishwasher safe. Quick and easy cleanup!
  • I also like that the mat extends pass the raised up sections. Giving it more surface area, making it easier for dropped food to be seen. (Rather than blending in with the white highchair tray)


  • I did not find the suction to be very strong at all! I tried sticking it with and without water. Perhaps it doesn’t work great with the highchair tray? I haven’t tried it on any other surface because he only eats in his highchair. The first time we used it, I stuck it down and gave it a tug, it stayed. I felt like haughty. Andy studied it for a second and then lifted the corner of the mat right off the tray! No struggle, no resistance. (For reference, he’s ten months old, but VERY smart.)

Avanchy Bamboo Suction Bowl

I was a little hesitant to buy because of the failed suction with EZPZ, but I also wanted to try more foods that necessitate utensils. Now, with Baby Led Weaning, you do not feed the baby at all. Baby feeds himself, so I wasn’t quiet sure if Andy was ready for this, but I wanted to give it a try.


  • Great for learning! Andy has used this spoon three, maybe four times. I put the food on the spoon, hand it to him, and he brings it to his mouth. The first time was difficult. All he wanted to do was chew on the wrong side of the spoon. Now, he’s really getting it down!
  • Suction FTW! This suction actually sticks to the highchair! Andy tries to remove it, but to no avail! I am very impressed.


  • Hand Wash Only. The only negative thing I have to say about this bowl is that it is hand wash only. The cleanup is not super quick.

Luvable Friends Cloth Bibs

I know that cloth bibs are not idea for eating and they’re intended for drool, but Andy will NOT have any kind of plastic bib when he eats. Instead of forgoing all bibs, I want to protect his clothes, so I use cloth. The cloth bibs do not bother him in the slightest.


  • Cloth. As mentioned above, cloth bibs are the only ones that will last and protect clothing from food.
  • Good fit! While putting these on, it doesn’t feel super sturdy. There’s a small area of velcro and it looks easily ripped off. I did not find that to be the case.


  • Laundry! Because I’m using these as food bibs, I’ve got to throw them in the laundry after every meal because they get gross!

Munchkin Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup

Andy was breastfeed exclusively until 6 months old. He never had a bottle. Not once. So, when he got older, and I wanted a bit more freedom, we started with a bottle. He would not take it. Not even for a second. Tried a sippy cup. He was alright with it, but I still didn’t feel like he could get a good meal from it. I drink from a water bottle with a straw. Andy started drinking from it without a problem, so then I started looking into straw cups and boom! This one worked very well!


  • It’s a straw! Andy didn’t do very well with bottle nipples and sippy cup spouts, so this straw saved me!
  • Weighted straw. This is such a cool feature! You can tip this cup and the weight will follow the liquid, so you could lounge and drink.
  • Top rack dishwasher safe! YES! Anything that is dishwasher safe is a lifesaver. I literally don’t have time to hand wash dishes.


  • This has only happened a handful of times, but I’ve had this cup leak before. Luckily it was when he was in the highchair and I just had to wipe up the tray, but still, not a great quality.


Gerber Graduates

THANK GOODNESS FOR GERBER GRADUATES!! Wagon Wheels, Lil Biscuits, Puffs, cereal bars, animal crackers, ETC!


  • Perfect for Baby Led Weaning babies! These are specifically made for babies learning how to hold and chew food. If you buy at the Crawler level, the pieces are larger and disintegrate very easily. We started with Wagon Wheels, but have since tried (and loved) most of what Graduates has to offer.
  • Snacking On The Go! Throw these in a plastic bag and you are ready to do! No prep, mostly no wrappings – just stuff in a bag and go!
  • They’re everywhere! I get them primarily from my grocery store and Target, though they are on Amazon too!
  • Andy loves them! There are some flavors that he doesn’t care for, but for the most part, he loves and looks forward to these.


  • None.

Water Wipes

99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. Yes, you read that correctly. I LOVE WATER WIPES!! I use them for everything!!! Face, hand, and bum! I do not know what I would do without Water Wipes. Honestly.


  • They’re so pure!! Absolutely no chemicals!
  • They clean so well!! Like I said, I use these for everything and no mess stands a chance.


  • They have to stay in the bag. So you can’t take them out and put them in a wipe warmer. Before each use, it’s recommended to squeeze and bend the package to dampen the wipes. I find they’re not easy to remove from the opening. In times of need (i.e. poop), I make sure to pull out several before I start clean up because trying to pinch a wipe and pull while also wrestling a poopy infant/toddler is not ideal.

I hope you enjoyed those mini reviews of products I use at mealtime! Do you have any favorites you use at mealtime you’d like to pass along? Any that you really don’t love? Reach out in the comments or tweet at me on Twitter!

As always, thank you so much for reading!

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