New Favorite Bedtime Book Alert!

On my latest Target run, I decided to head to the board book isle. Andy LOVES to read and the books we have (touch & feel, lift-the-flap, etc), he’s memorized them! He knows when I finish reading a page, because he’s right there to turn the page. He knows where all the textured layers are on the page and he knows where and how the flaps open. I thought it’d be a good time to cycle in some new books.

I picked up quite a few new ones! A touch & feel, a lift-the-flap, and a book of faces. I was leaving the isle when I spotted a book with the title, WILL YOU BE MY SUNSHINE?. ‘You Are My Sunshine’ is the song we sign before bed every night, so I picked it up to flip through. My husband was with me and was sick of me looking at books, so I acted on a whim and threw it in the cart.

That night we read it as our bedtime story and I fell in love with it. Normally, I’m a fan of the sappy, sentimental books that tell Andy how much I love him. I fear that I’ll never be able to get that across as well as some of these books do (I’m looking at you, Nancy Tillman!).

WILL YOU BE MY SUNSHINE by Julia Lobo (Goodreads).

The illustrations are adorable and the colors are vibrant!

It follows a Mother/Child mouse duo. It’s unclear as to which, mother or child,  is the voice, but it asks if they will be their sunshine/rainbow/etc. The idea and theme are very similar to the song, in that this being brightens their dull, gray day.

It is so beautifully written and paired with the illustrations, it makes for a lovely children’s book.


It absolutely has become my favorite bedtime book and you can bet I’ll read the heck out of it! Other bedtime favorites include anything/everything by Nancy Tillman (ON THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN is Andy’s favorite), GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU by Sam McBratney, and SNUGGLE UP SLEEPY ONES by Claire Freedman.

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