Hello, I’m Elizabeth! I’m a wife and mother.  I enjoy blogging, reading, photography, and crafting. I may have a tea and Dr. Seuss addition. I survive on Dunkin’, Target, and Amazon Prime. I’m a breastfeeding, babywearing mama. I’m that person who obnoxiously starts embracing Christmas starting at curfew on Halloween. Can be found posting way too many Instagram Stories or in front of HGTV. If my husband were to describe me in two words, he’d use “hippie” and “dork”. Follow along and get to know me better, man! (Props if you know where that came from! Hint: it’s a Christmas movie.)

Tea and a Tantrum is a mommy and book blog. You will see book and product reviews, crafting tutorials, discussions, subscription box unboxings, and more! I am a new mother, so my ‘mommy posts’ will be via the perspective of a new mother. Book blog posts will consist mostly of reviews, blog tours, and the occasional Q&A with the author. I wrote an exclusive book blog for four years, so I definitely have the experience there. I enjoy writing book reviews and I plan to review a variety of other products. Feel free to email me at elizabeth@teaandtantrum.com.